Wedding Photography FAQ


Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Airy, Natural + Playful. I aim to capture organic relationships + interactions between people through out the day and document details as naturally as possible to fully tell a story, your story.

Q: What is your favorite part about the wedding?
A: All of it really! I love seeing months of planning come together to perfectly portray my couples and their personalities. I love capturing a groom's face and response to seeing his bride for the first time!! I love being able to capture my bride and groom during some alone time, just the two of them. Oh and don't get me started on the first dances...break out the tissues!!! I'm known to cry during the father/daughter dance (blame it on having been such a daddy's girl) and depending on the song, have also cried during the mother/son dance (blame it on having a lil man of my own) Lastly, sweets!! If I don't eat, do not be offended; I will most likely take it to go..but please know, I will be partaking in some cake and/or dessert when it is time, yummmm!

Q: Do you travel?
A: Why yes indeed!!! Travel fees differ depending on your location and schedule.

Q: How are your photos edited?
A: I shoot in a RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for final, light touches. I do NOT do excessive retouching or editing, I like to keep my images as clean and natural as possible (just like captured in please do not ask me to photoshop in backgrounds and whatnot; my answer will kindly be sorry) I do however, fine edit any images that are ordered larger than an 8x10 (because let's face it, some things that would not be noticeable in a 8x10 or smaller, may really stand out at a larger size.)

Q: How long will it take to get our photos?
A: Wedding galleries are typically ready within 8-10 weeks. I do like to post a sneak peek of a few of my favorites on my Facebook page for you to see and to share with family + friends!!

Q: Do you work with an assistant?
A: Yass! I always have an associate with me for the whole day.

Q: Can we have ALL the files, even unedited ones?
A: Sorry, but no. When I cull your collection, I choose the very best shots of each moment and give those a light editing. I reserve the right to leave out any that are unflattering or that may have distracting technical flaws. However, I DO promise to send you all the photos where you look beautiful, happy and real!! This includes all the photos of important moments and details. I average approximately 50-75 finished images per hour of wedding coverage.

Q: So, we get the digital files....can we print them?
A: Yes, of course!!! All wedding galleries come with a print release for printing up to an 8x10 and recommendations of the best places to print through. There will also be access to an A la Carte Menu within your personal gallery for ordering purposes. This makes it extremely easy for you, friends and family to also order prints and/or products to best show case favorite images from such a special day.

Q: Are you a registered business?
A: Yes!!! Daniele Elyse Photography is an insured, registered and tax paying business based out of Sullivan Co, Tn. I am also a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Q: What if you are unable to make it to our wedding?
A: I stay in contract with all of my clients, ALL of the time. If for some un-seeable, disaster that would keep me from being at your wedding, I would refer to you other professional photographers to contact. If those referred to you would not work or you see to not be a good fit, then you would get a FULL refund of monies paid to date towards your wedding collection.

Q: Awesome, how do we book?
A: I book clients on a First Come, First Serve basis. Reach out via email or phone so we can talk details and to see if we will be a good fit in working together. Once you have chosen a collection, you will receive a contract to sign and send a retainer ($500) to secure your date. Payments are usually split into thirds, leaving the final balance due two weeks prior to your wedding date. Most of my couples tend to book 6-12 months prior to their wedding, but I do get a few last minute contracts as well.   


Frequently Asked Questions